What are the hours of Operations

     Driving Jacks operates Friday and Saturday, 10pm-3am during the regular


     We do stop taking calls at 3am, but will continue to give rides to anyone

     that called before 3am.

Who can use Driving Jacks?

     SFA students and the Nacogdoches community. You DO NOT have to be intoxicated to get a ride.

Where does Driving Jacks pick people up?

     Driving Jacks will pick you up as long as you are inside the loop. We will also

     pick up at the fraternity houses and take to you where you are staying for the


Will driving Jacks take me to a party or a restaurant?

     No. We ask that you only use us once a night to get to where you are


I left something in the Driving Jacks car?

     We do our best to check the cars at the end of each night. If we find something

     then we will keep it in our office for a week. After that we will turn it over to the

     Student Center lost and found. If you have lost something please send us an


Do you use your our own car?

     We do not use our own cars. We have a partnership with Enterprise and

     they allow us to rent cars every weekend.

Do you get paid?

     No. We are a non-profit, volunteer organization. But we do accept tips or donations

     (cash or Venmo: Driving-Jacks). So, if you join you will get a lot of volunteer hours

      with us. 

I don't have a Driver's License?

    That is not a problem! We have plenty of jobs during a night of operations

     that do not require you to drive.

What are the Requirements of Driving Jacks?

    You are required to work 2 nights a month and 2 Saturdays a semester.

     You are also required to work 2 fundraising shifts a semester.

     (The president and vice-president reserve the right to change these requirements)